Globalization and Development

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AORG 320:

Ishtiaq  Jamil: Ishtiaq.Jamil@aorg.uib.no

James Hathaway: James.Hathaway@aorg.uib.no

AORG 321:

Steinar Askvik: Steinar.Askvik@aorg.uib.no

Rebecca Lynn Radlick: Rebecca.Radlick@aorg.uib.no



AORG 322:

Ishtiaq Jamil: Ishtiaq.Jamil@aorg.uib.no (Forskningsfri vår 2014)

Steinar Askvik:  Steinar.Askvik@aorg.uib.no

Tor Halvorsen: Tor.Halvorsen@aorg.uib.no

AORG 323:

Ishtiaq Jamil:  Ishtiaq.Jamil@aorg.uib.no

Steinar Askvik:  Steinar.Askvik@aorg.uib.no


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Olga Mjelde: Olga.Mjelde@sos.uib.no