Political Organization and Multi Level Governance

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New Steering Concepts in Public Management

This new volume in the series Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management is edited by Sandra Groeneveld and Steven Van De Walle. Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid have contributed with the second chapter named "Post-NPM Reforms: Whole of Government Approaches as a New Trend".

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Extract from the chapter:

One of the insights gained from studying reforms in public organisations is that the political-administrative system is in a state of flux. Views of how to tackle problems and what the goals, solutions and consequences should be are changing when preconditions and constraints are changing. One important observation is that there is a mismatch between the way the public administration is organised in contemporary democracies and the wicked issues that the public sector organisations are set to handle. Big problems and tasks are seldom following organisational borders but are cutting across administrative levels, sectors and units, creating a lot of challenges for political and administrative leaders. Thus, there is a need for new steering mechanisms focusing on broad social outcomes to handle this challenge.

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