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New article published: The New regulatory orthodoxy: A critical assessment

Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen has published a new handbook article in Handbook on the Politics of Regulation.

Handbook on the Politics of Regulation is edited by David Levi-Faur, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and the Free University of Berlin, Germany


‘Political science has leap-frogged law, economics, and sociology to become the dominant discipline contributing to regulatory studies. David Levi-Faur’s volume taps the rich veins of regulatory scholarship that have made this the case. It brings together the talented new network of politics scholars intrigued by the importance of the changing nature of state and non-state regulation. Their fresh insights complement important new work by established stars of the field. Definitely a book to have on your shelf when in search of exciting theoretical approaches to politics.’

– John Braithwaite, Australian National University

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