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Temamøter for ph.d.-kandidater ved HF

Temamøtene er en arena for faglig og sosialt samvær og arrangeres av Stip-hf og fakultetet i samarbeid.

Ei forsmaling med folk på seminar
Magnus Halsnes

Både STIP-HF, som er ph.d.-kandidatutvalget ved Det humanistiske fakultet, og fakultetet selv, kan ta initiativ til at det arrangeres temamøter over emner som er av interesse eller viktighet for ph.d.-kandidatene. Stip-hf vil som regel stå som arrangør av disse møtene, som organiseres med administrativ og økonomisk støtte fra fakultetet.

Måletsetningen er å skape et møtepunkt og en arena for sosialt samvær, informasjon og spørsmål knyttet til rollen som ph.d.-kandidat ved Det humanistiske fakultet.

Stip-hf står fritt til å sende inn forslag til hvilke tema og type arrangement de ønsker seg. Det er også mulig å søke støtte til sosiale arrangement. Det er ønskelig med ca. ett møte per semester.

Neste arrangement:
Halvdagsseminar for ph.d.-kandidater 16. oktober 2019

Ph.d.-kandidater og psykisk helse

PhD candidates as a group face a distinctive set of challenges that can affect our psychosocial well-being. Recent research in a European context registered that half of PhD candidates experience work-related psychological distress, and there is a higher prevalence of mental health problems among PhD candidates than in the highly educated general population in other sectors (Levecque et al, 2017). What are the particular challenges, personal and institutional, that face us as PhD candidates? What can we do to have a better chance of dealing with these challenges, personally and as a community? What can we expect from our insitutions? What support systems exist—or ought to exist—to enhance PhD Candidates’ psychosocial well-being as they carry on their training and work? 

Stip-HF, in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities, invites all PhD candidates at the faculty to attend a half-day seminar on PhD candidates’ mental health. This is the first of a series of meetings on key topics of concern to PhD candidates at the faculty, which will be organized on a semesterly basis. 

The program will be introduced by Stip-HF and the Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Humanities, Anne Beate Maurseth. Our invited speakers are Dr. Priyank Nimje, who will deliver a talk based on his own experience of coming to Norway as a foreigner to complete his PhD, and Prof. Rob Bongaardt, who will lead a workshop on PhD candidates’ psychosocial well-being. 

The workshop on PhD candidates’ psychosocial well-being takes a starting point in testimonials concerning struggles that candidates may experience during the PhD journey. Research has also uncovered the challenges candidates face and the contexts in which these typically emerge – these will be discussed with and among the participants in light of what can be done to enable a psychosocially good PhD journey. 

Program og påmelding

Time: Wednesday, October 16th, 12:00-16:00
Venue: Scandic Ørnen, Lars Hillesgate 18, Bergen sentrum
Deadline for registration: Monday, October 7th at 14:00
Sign up here (bare for ph.d.-kandidater)

12:00–12:15 Welcome and Vice-Dean’s Introduction
12:15–12:45 Surviving a PhD in Norway: A Foreigner’s Perspective (Talk by Dr. Priyank Nimje)
14:45-13:30 Lunch (provided)
13:30–16:00 Workshop on PhD Candidates’ Psychosocial Well-being (by Prof. Rob Bongaardt)
Kort kaffipause med pausemat (10 minutt) ca. halvvegs i workshopen (14:45).


Priyank Nimje is a researcher from India, currently working at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen. He loves hiking, travelling and is a hobby photographer. He went through depression during his PhD and considers himself as a “Phd Survivor”. He has since taken the initiative to share widely his experience of the ups and downs of the PhD journey, encouraging others to talk about their experiences and to seek help if necessary. 

Rob Bongaardt holds a Doctorate in Psychology from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (1996). He works at the University of Southeastern Norway as full Professor of Mental Health. His teaching nd research concern the continued education of mental health care professionals in the public sector and PhD supervisors at universities. In these capacities Rob supports those who support others in various walks of daily life and work.


Levecque, Katia et al. “Work Organization and Mental Health Problems in PhD Students”. Research Policy 46:4 (May 2017): 868–79.