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Ultralyd strømningsmåling

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Pågående prosjekter:

  • Non-wetted fiscal flow metering for subsea oil and gas allocation, 1 PhD (samarb. CMR, UiB, StatoilHydro, NFR) 
  • High-precision VOS cell for gas characterization, 2 PhD (samarb. CMR, UiB, StatoilHydro, Gassco, Michelsensenteret, NFR)
  • Handbook uncertainty evaluation, ultrasonic fiscal oil metering systems (samarb. CMR, UiB, NFOGM, OD)
  • Pressure and temperature effects for Ormen Lange ultrasonic fiscal gas metering system (samarb. CMR, UiB, StatoilHydro, Shell, Gassco, OD)

Eksempler på tidligere prosjekter:

  • Mass measurement of oil, 1 PhD (samarb. CMR, UiB, Statoil, Gassco, NFR)
  • Energy measurement in gas export / allocation metering stations (samarb. CMR, UiB, Statoil, Gassco, NFR)
  • Multipath ultrasonic fiscal oil flow meter (samarb. CMR, UiB, FMC, NFR)
  • Såkorn-prosjekt "3D finite element modelling (FEM) of precision non-wetted ultrasonic fiscal flow meters for oil and gas" (samarb. UiB, CMR)
  • Adaptive ultrasound transducer for downhole instrumentation (del av NFR-KMB prosjekt med CMR, HydroStatoil)