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Courses in Optimization

INF 170 - Modeling and Optimization (10sp, fall)

gives an introduction to optimization and includes formulating optimization problems as mathematical models and solution techniques using computers.

Literature: The AMPL Book, compendia


INF 270 - Introduction to Optimization Methods (10sp, fall)

contains solution methods for linear optimization problems, and some methods for solving integer and non-linear optimization problems. It covers the simplex method and the interior point methods for linear programming, network algorithms, branch and bound method for integer optimization problems, duality theory, and sensitivity analysis.

Literature: Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions


INF271 - Combinatorial Optimization (10sp, irregularly)

covers theory and algorithms for solving integer and combinatorial optimization problems, including network flow problems, matching, assignment and knapsack problems, dynamic programming, tree search methods, cutting plane methods and polyhedral theory.


INF 272 - Nonlinear Optimization (10sp, irregularly)

covers the basic framework for constructing efficient methods for solving unconstrained optimization problems. Topics include line search and trust regions methods for unconstrained optimization. Topics in constrained optimization include the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker theory and basic solution techniques.