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Pågående prosjekter:

  • Multi-frequency acoustical studies for estimation of size distribution and abundance of small marine organisms, 1 PhD (samarb. HI, UiB)
  • Classification and estimation og zooplanktion using multi-frequency sonar, 1 PhD (samarb. HI, UiB og HiB)
  • Ultrasound measurement of fish tissue quality (samarb. UiB, CMR, Michelsensenteret, NFR)
  • Measurement of acoustic scattering from mackerel back bone, 1 Master, 1 PhD (samarb. UiB, HI)
  • Constant beamwidth multifrequency transducer, 1 Master (samarb. UiB, HI)

Eksempler på tidligere prosjekter:

  • Nonlinear sound propagation in fisheries and research echo sounders and sonars, 1 PhD (samarb. CMR, UiB, HI, Kongsberg Maritime, NFR)
  • Analysis and presentation of multi-frequency echograms, 1 PhD (samarb. UiB, HI)
  • SIP - Absolute abundance estimation of fish, 1 PhD (samarb. HI, UiB, NFR)