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Members of the Optimization Group


Dag Haugland, Professor, Room 4126, Phone +47 55584033

Jan-Joachim Rückmann, Professor, Room 4125, Phone +47 55584507

Trond Steihaug, Professor, Room 4153, Phone +47 55584169

Sjur Didrik Flåm, Professor Emeritus, Room 410 O2, Phone +47 55589217

Sverre Storøy, Professor Emeritus, Room 4131, Phone +47 55584165


Ahmad Hemmati, Postdoc, Room 410 M2

PhD Students

Arne Klein (Advisor: Dag Haugland)

Ute Schaarschmidt (Advisors: Trond Steihaug and Sam Subbey), Room 4128

Anna-Lena Braatz (Advisor: Jan Rückmann), Room 4130, +47 00491789

Daniel Hernandez Escobar (Advisor: Jan Rückmann), +47 55584124

Marika Ivanova (Advisor: Dag Haugland), Room 4117

MSc Students

Sunney Fotedar (Advisor: Dag Haugland)

Emmanuel Okoye (Advisor: Dag Haugland)

Stanley Owulabi Babatunde (Advisor: Jan Rückmann)

Gunvor Lemvik (Advisor: Dag Haugland)

Håkon Ingvar Arvidsen (Advisor: Dag Haugland)

Former members

Joanna Bauer, Postdoc

Mohammed Alfaki, PhD Student

Ørjan Bergmann, PhD Student

Conrado Borraz-Sànchez, PhD Student

Mohamed El Ghami, Associate Professor

Lennart Frimanslund, Researcher

Geir Gundersen, Researcher