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DNA double helix 60 years

We celebrate the 60th anniversary for Watson and Crick's publication of the double helix model for DNA which was published in Nature on April 25th, 1953.

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Rarely has a molecular structure been so informative by itself and the paper contains one of the most famous understatements in the history of science: 

"It has not escaped our notice that the specific pairing [of the two strands of DNA] we have postulated immediately suggest a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material"

Although molecular biology has many roots dating much further back in history, there is now doubt that the double helix model has had a tremendous impact on biology. The subsequent discoveries, including the genetic code, the polymerases, the restriction enzymes and the birth of gene technology are only a few of the landmarks we can reflect on as we peer into the prospects in front of us, as we enter the real age of DNA.

If you have not yet read the Watson & Crick paper, check it out here on Nature's pages.

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