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STIM winter trip attracts students from 6 continents and 11 countries!

While the snow depth in Kvamskogen may not have been impressive to most Norwegians, it was the most snow many of the twenty-four students on the STIM winter trip had ever seen. We attracted top skiing and snowboarding talent from Ethiopia, India, Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela.

Shale Rosen

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On Saturday the group split up with half skiing and snowboarding at Eikedalen and the other half exploring the cross-country ski trails near the cabin. We all celebrated no serious injuries with a well deserved and much appreciated dinner of warm lapskaus! Those still able to move after their day of skiing faced off in a limbo competition, eventually won by co-champions Christian Irgens of Norway and Miguel Falcao of Portugal. Unfortunately Sunday's snowman competition was cancelled due to low temperatures which made the snow unsuitable for packing.

As always the trip was made possible and affordable through the generous support of BIO and we received terrific bus service from Skyss who added extra busses to transport us and all of our equipment back and forth from Bergen.

Start thinking about STIM's autumn trip next semester, and look for information on the upcoming BIO Ski Day February 25 in BIO-INFO!