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The highly sensitive liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMSMS)-technology is regarded as the gold standard for analytical measurements of small important molecules such as steroid hormones. The LCMSMS methods are based on direct physical measurements of the analytes and are highly specific and sensitive. In contrast to the immunochemical methods, erroneous results due to cross-reactivity and contamination are almost completely eliminated with LCMSMS-technology.

Using in-house developed methods, we can accurately measure a panel of steroid hormones in different materials (serum/plasma, saliva, cell culture media, cell lysate). The methodological platform can thus facilitate a very precise mapping of human steroid metabolism. Moreover, we have automated the sample handling, enabling us to provide high-throughput analyses.

Our projects are focused on

i. Characterisation of steroid hormone metabolomics

ii. Cross-sectional studies of steroid metabolism in healthy objects stratified against parameters such as age, body mass index (BMI) and binding proteins

iii. Measure very low levels of oestradiol in human plasma/serum