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BBB seminar: Grethe S. Foss

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The Biotechnology Act – Regulating the application of biotechnology in human medicine

Grethe S. Foss
formerly at Bioteknologinemnda (the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board), Oslo

In Norway, some of the ethically challenging applications of modern biotechnology in human medicine are regulated by the Biotechnology Act. The act covers assisted reproduction, cloning, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, and gene therapy. An evaluation of the biotechnology act is announced by the government. Having worked for the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board with the ethical, social and legal aspects of biotechnology for twelve years, I’ll walk you through the different areas covered by the act, important changes made in recent years and some of the challenges lying ahead.

Chairperson: Beate Stern , Department of Biomedicine