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Ny publikasjon fra Nordicom

Making Change

Nordic Examples of Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media

Ny publikasjon fra Nordicom
Illustrasjon: Rune Arntsen

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Who decides what you see on television? Which issues are important, and who gets to speak their mind in the news? How are women and men featured in texts, photos, computer games, advertising and movies?

Questions like these are of great importance when it comes to gender equality in society, and therefore the media is a relevant sector to reach with gender mainstreaming efforts. The media can both hinder and accelerate the development towards gender equality. They can communicate results of gender equality efforts but can also contribute to the production of gender stereotypes. There is an increasing pressure on media to step up and take measures to ensure women’s access to the media industry and to combat gender stereotypes. The UN member states committed to this already in 1995 in the Beijing Platform for Action, but how gender equal is the media?

Making Change. Nordic Examples of Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media presents a collection of inspiring media practices in the Nordic region and a compilation of comparative data on gender equality in the Nordic media sector (film, journalism, advertising and computer games). Contributing authors are representatives from academia, civil society, activism and industry.

Making Change - ISBN: 978-91-87957-00-0  - Maria Edström, Ragnhild Mølster (red.) - Forlag: Nordicom


Preface. Gender equality in the media – is there a Nordic way?
Maria Edström, Ulrika Facht & Ragnhild Mølster

The Nordic celluloid ceiling Anne Gjelsvik
Counting heads and keeping an eye on the content Terese Martinsson
Gender equality in Swedish film Johan Fröberg
Making change or at least letting things happen Marjo Valve
Let us move the world forward together! Agnete G. Haaland
Doris Film – the struggle for an equal film industry Lisa Lindén
A-rating: A campaign for women’s representation in film Ellen Tejle

Nordic journalism with gender parity and problems Maria Edström
It all takes effort – notes from K2 and beyond Suzanne Moll
Gender equality in the newsroom Gunnar Falck
Gendering television – time and counting matters Lotta Strömland
News from a feminist perspective Anna-Klara Bratt
Being female in a man’s mediaworld – an ’I’ story Kristin Helle-Valle
Twenty years of training in women’s leadership Cecilia Zadig

‘Start telling the story of female gamers and developers’ Johanna Koljonen
Donna – inclusive game development by example
Isabella Billgren, Mathilda Bjarnehed & Jenny Brusk
Empowering girls through technology Andrea Hasselager & Nevin  Erönde
Gender and computer games in the construction of identity Silje Hommedal

Nordic regulation of gender discriminatory advertisements
Eva-Maria Svensson
Towards an industry in balance 2020 Christina Gillberg
Taking action against retouched advertisements Runa Fjellanger
The great Scandinavian gender war Anne Glad

Women experts exist! Danish KVINFO leads the way Anita Frank Goth
Visual communication in higher education
Joanna Rubin Dranger & Johanna Lewengard
A Nordic project about counteracting antifeminism
Ole Bredesen Nordfjell
Twenty-two years of media activism Maria Jacobson
Media and business women in Iceland Þórdís LóaÞórhallsdóttir
Equalisters – crowdsourcing for diversity Aurora Percovich Gutierrez
Queering Sápmi – indigenous stories beyond the norm
Elfrida Bergman & Sara Lindquist

Film seminar: The Nordic film industry remains male dominated
Journalism seminar: The gap – on gender equality in journalism
Gaming seminar: Where are the females in the gaming industry?
Advertising seminar: Stereotypical images in the urban space
The Bergen Conference: Time to step up

Information about the data Ulrika Facht
Tables and figures

Nordic doctoral dissertations on gender & media
International commitments and resources