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Call for papers on Institutional Trust in Developing and Transitional Countries

Call for papers for International Journal of Public Administration (IJPA) for a special issue on "Institutional Trust in Developing and Transitional Countries". Deadline for manuscripts is June 1, 2015.

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Associate Professor Ishtiaq Jamil and Professor Steinar Askvik are guest editors for this special issue.

IJPA intends to publish a Special Issue on "Institutional Trust in Developing and Transitional Countries”. We welcome original manuscripts, empirical as well as theoretical, relevant for highlighting and analyzing what explains institutional trust, i.e. trust in regimes in these countries. As thematic importance in this research area has become an important area of research with regard to governance and especially “good” or “sound” governance among academic and practitioner communities, IJPA wants to explore further the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of institutional trust as well as prospects and challenges associated with it in the context of and across developing and transitional countries.

Our focus in this special issue is on trust in public and political institutions. It intends to answer, e.g. such questions as what explains institutional trust and what are the consequences of low or high institutional trust in society. What are the mechanisms to generate more trust in society? Trust is claimed to be the foundation of democratic societies and without it we would have been paralyzed by inaction in society. Despite huge interest in research on this area and an impressive body of literature generated in recent years in the context of Western and developed country contexts, it has rarely been carried out in the contexts of developing and transitional countries. We are interested in both cross country, within a single country and regional studies. The geographical foci of contributions are not restricted to a specific region and may, for example, include Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

IJPA is an international, research-driven, peer-reviewed, publication aimed at exploring the latest developments in public administration and management - translating theory to practice and practice into theory.

Our aim is to be truly global in scope, covering developed, emerging and transitional states and all areas of public activity. We welcome both individual country-based and especially comparative work.

Our target audience is not just scholars, but also policy-makers and practitioners, including aspiring public sector leaders engaged in education and research. We want to draw on the latest research - whether carried out by scholars or practitioners or by joint research collaborations. We aim - and encourage - the reporting of this research to be as clear and accessible as possible to the widest possible audience, whilst maintaining the necessary rigor and scholarly standards.


Manuscripts should initially be submitted for initial screening before 1st June, 2015 by email to:

Ishtiaq Jamil: ishtiaq.jamil@aorg.uib.no  

Steinar Askvik: steinar.askvik@aorg.uib.no