The DIGUiB-programme

Programme Statement

Digital learning tools provide new opportunities for better learning through the stimulation of multiple senses and increased student activity. Digital learning tools also allow for greater variation in teaching and learning approaches for both staff and students. UiB therefore plans to increase the use of digital learning tools through sharing good practices, providing specific services and offering training and support in the use of digital tools in teaching.

Main content

By 2017, UiB aims to be a leader in digital learning and communication.

The DigUiB programme emphasises the involvement of academic staff from all faculties in development work. In addition, expertise from the departments of IT, communications, student administration, real estate and the University Library will be central to the project. The programme is organised with the aim of encouraging and supporting activity in the various disciplines.

The DigUiB programme is now entering a phase where we seek dialogue with individual teachers and their support staff to gain knowledge of good practices which can be shared with the rest of the organisation, and we also wish to clarify the services and training desired.


We therefore hope for close cooperation in the various disciplines to increase the use of digital learning tools and thus make an important contribution to raising the quality of education at UiB.