International Researchers at UiB


Working With Norwegians

This seminar will give you a practical insight of what is expected in Norway – in a business and social setting. You will learn both the formal code of conduct and the unwritten rules of working in Norway.

The Norwegian workplace culture has important elements that are not found in most other western countries, and this may cause misunderstandings and frustration.
The seminar is suitable for all international employees who grew up outside Scandinavia, whether you have just arrived in Norway or if you have been here for some time.

Registration deadline: 19.11.2017, or until the course is full.


  • GOAL
  • Build a bridge between cultures
  • Learn what is special about the Norwegian culture
  • Become more confident about how to behave in Norway
  • Reduce misunderstandings and communication issues
  • Introduction and a quick glance at the Norwegian lifestyle
  • Major cultural traits of the Norwegian workplace culture
  • Scenarios from the workplace where the cultural differences may typically be an issue
    •  Discussion in the group for reflection
    •  Suggested good solutions
    •  Explanation of what is considered acceptable behaviour in Norway
  • Socializing in Norway, e.g.:
    •  How to make friends in Norway, visiting Norwegians at home, party culture

INSTRUCTOR: Karin Ellis from Ellis Culture

"As soon as I got a feel for the agenda, I was completely convinced I had made the right choice. It was the single best thing I did since I moved to Norway. The whole course was one series of ‘lightbulb moments’ one after another explaining things I had missed, misunderstood and otherwise just didn’t ‘get.’  If you have a chance to take the course, I’d highly recommend it!”            
Jennifer Tierney Sveigdalen, Oslo

“Thank you very much!  The depth of understanding I now have has already in just a few hours eased an awful lot of pent up frustration from my soul!
It may sound obvious, but believe me, having someone from the inside explain this in such an in depth, yet easily relatable manner is worth gold!
I would recommend all non-Norwegians working in Norway to attend this course.”             

Georgia White, Bergen