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How are ERC projects evaluated?

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ERC projects are evaluated in two stages, first by a scientific panel chosen by the applicant and ideally as close as possible to the the applicant´s main research field. You should write the B1 part of the proposal for a more general audience.

International experts from the applicant´s field will judge B2. In order to succeed, both the Principal Investigator and the project idea must be judged as outstanding.

ERC regulary publishes the names of panel members and chairs. A link to the website can be found to the right. Please do not contact panel members and chairs and use the information provided only as a guidance to see who might evaluate your proposal.

Applicants whose projects are rejected will get a character ranging from A-C and this will often lead to a quarantene period in which no new ERC grant can be submitted. The advisers will be able to give more information.


A few hints form the advisers:

Although ERC projects are supposed to be of high risk and high gain, risks should be mentioned in the proposal and mitigation strategies should be in place.

Your proposal has a resources part with the budget table online. Please use a few lines to explain the different budget posts to help evaluators judge the feasibility of your project.


If your work involves ethical issues like for example laboratory animals, informed consent from patients or work in third countries, you need to address this in the online forms or if you identify many issues you submit an Ethics annex that will go through an Ethics screening.

For further inquires about ERC evaluation, please contact Anja Hegen.  

Disclaimer: please do always consult the ERC homepage and the participant portal for latest news and updates.