Centre for Nutrition


The Centre for Nutrition is established at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Bergen, and is organized under the Department of Clinical Medicine. Nutrition is an important field in clinical medicine, both in research, education and clinical practice. Research will be the main focus. Education is already taken care of through the program committees, but the centre will also support education and communication. The centre is connected to a network of research groups and researchers with relevant activities in Western Norway, both in and outside of UiB.

Vegard Lysne og Anthea Van Parys på Homosystein-konferanse

Centre for Nutrition at the Homocysteine conference

The PhD-candidates Vegard Lysne and Anthea Van Parys, from the Centre for Nutrition, participated at the Homocysteine conference in Virgili, Spain.

KEFF-konferansen 2019

KEFF Conference 2019

This years' KEFF conference was held in Bergen on the 18th and 19th of March and was a great success with over 220 participants.


How to read a nutritional content table, and what you should pay attention to

– When a product is labeled with a keyhole, it does not mean that the product is healty, but that it is healthier than similar products, says nutrition experts Cathrine Horn and Vegard Lysne.


Fecal transplantation is good for abdominal symptoms for IBS patients

Placing stools from healthy people in the stomach improved both the symptoms and bacterial flora in the intestines of persons with a variety of irritable bowel syndrome.


Big test of bars

- Two of these are as unhealthy as candy.