Centre for Nutrition


The Centre for Nutrition is established at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Bergen, and is organized under the Department of Clinical Medicine. Nutrition is an important field in clinical medicine, both in research, education and clinical practice. Research will be the main focus. Education is already taken care of through the program committees, but the centre will also support education and communication. The centre is connected to a network of research groups and researchers with relevant activities in Western Norway, both in and outside of UiB.


Centre for Nutrition at the RStudio conference in Austin

Four PhD-candidates from the Centre for Nutrition participated at the RStudio conference in Austin last week.


Let them eat cake!

But elderly people can also eat more fish.

Meeting | SAIGM

Centre for Nutrition at SAIGM-meeting

Centre for Nutrition participated at the Scandinavian Association of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (SAIGM) Meeting in Copenhagen.

Lecture | Litteraturhuset
Kosttilskudd og vitaminer

The body for adults: Dietary supplements and vitamins

Jutta Dierkes discussed dietary supplements and vitamins with Trond-Viggo Torgersen in his series about The body for adults at Litteraturhuset on November 13th.

News | Research

Norwegian researchers will find out if microplastics are dangerous for us

Nobody knows the effect of micro plastics on our body. Now, Norwegian researchers have joined the hunt for answers.