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About MOHN Nutrition Research Lab

Mohn-millions to new reserach lab for nutrition

MOHN Nutrition Research Lab was founded June 1st 2018 as a collaboration between Bergen Research Foundation (BFS), University of Bergen (UiB) and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS). BFS contributes over 28 million Norwegian kroners (NOK) from Trond Mohn during a five-year period. UiB and HUS will contribute respectively 33 and 6.5 million NOK.

The new nutrition research lab will collaborate closely with the Centre for Nutrition and will strengthen Bergen's position in the nutritional research environment. 

“We will conduct research on both obesity, undernutrition and treatment strategies”, says Professor in clinical nutrition Jutta Dierkes from the Department of Clinical Medicine, who is the chairman of the new laboratory.

Professor Gunnar Mellgren from the Department of Clinical Science states that there are numerous laboratories at the Medical Faculty at UiB and at HUS which already contributed substantially to nutritional research. Mellgren is both vice-chairman at the MOHN Nutrition Research Lab and chairman of the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology unit at HUS. “This new initiative will allow us to move forward and perform even better”, says Mellgren.

The Mohn Nutrition Research lab will mainly focus on three areas:

  • An Epidemiological section, based on collection of data and biobank samples from several studies, led by Professor Ottar Nygård, Department of Clinical Science.
  • A Laboratory section, which will focus on the mechanisms associated with obesity and malnutrition, led by Professor Gunnar Mellgren. 
  • A Clinical section, where dietary intervention studies will be conducted, led by Professor Jutta Dierkes.