Centre for Nutrition


Provisions for Centre for Nutrition.

Seafood and vegetables.

Centre for Nutrition, University of Bergen

The centre will be a meeting place that promotes nutrition research though an interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers, units and institutions, and work to gain more resources and visibility for this research.

The centre will:

  • Show the importance of and promote the visibility of the nutrition field locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Promote the quality of nutrition research so that it keeps a high international level
  • Promote the scope of nutrition research so that it increases
  • Promote external research funding through applications and networks
  • Work to ensure the resource basis for research and education in nutrition
  • Promote and lead a collaboration on nutrition research and between nutrition researchers in Bergen and Western Norway by active contact with relevant institutions, businesses, industry, units and individuals
  • Have a collected overview of nutrition research at the relevant institutions
  • Work to ensure recruitment to research and teaching
  • Have an interdisciplinary perspective on nutrition research and education
  • Contribute to promoting education in nutrition, with emphasis on quality, relevance and scope
  • Contribute to promoting good nutrition in relation to illness
  • Contribute to promoting appropiate nutrition for good health

The centre is an administrative part the Department of Clinical Medicine (K1), the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Bergen. It is organized as a section at this Department. Achieved external funding is earmarked the centre. The centre will have its own web page. Employments and accounts are connected to established and formal institution structures.

The centre will have a full time competent academic Head of Centre, and also a sufficient administrative resource. The responsibility and taks for the Head of Centre are defined in a separate description.

The centre will have an academic counselling group. The group is appointed by K1 in cooperation with the Head of Centre and will be broadly composed by people with different institutional affiliation and with relevant professional research competence. Haukeland University Hospital will have a clear role in the counselling group.

Centre participation
Groups and institutions with relevant research and/or education activity of sufficient quality and scope localized in Western Norway, will be included in the activities of the centre. The centre will actively recruit such participants. Criteria for affiliation will be prepared. The participation in the centre will be visible on the web page and in other ways. The centre affiliation will not compete with or depend on simultaneous affiliation to other institutions, companies or research groups. Accreditation for research, education and dissemination will be given to institution/businesses where people and work have their main affiliation/that have given significant contributions.