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Much of my research is on why we observe variation in life histories and behaviour, both within and between species, and how this variation influences population dynamics, interactions and ecosystems. I am also deeply fascinated by seasonality and aim to understand how seasonal environments shape ecological processes and evolutionary adaptations. Most of my work is in marine ecosystems, and on birds, fish and zooplankton, but I also collaborate on projects where terrestrial organisms are studied. I am currently starting several new projects in coastal systems and on human impacts on organisms and ecological interactions. I combine investigations in the field (including experiments) with mathematical models and statistical analyses of data. My main position is with BIO, with adjunct position at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

For more, visit the Seasonal Ecology Group or my Research Gate profile.

Keywords: evolutionary ecology, population biology, marine ecology, phenology, life history traits, migration, meta-ecosystems

I am involved in the following courses:

BIO212 Marine Community Ecology - Organisms and Habitats (main responsibility)

BIO102 Organismal Biology 2


Contributions at other departments or institutions

BL7056 Marine Ecosystem Dynamics, Stockholm University


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I was involved in bioCEED for several years. This link expands a bit on my involvement and pedagogical journey.

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Three recent publications:

Cusa M, Berge J, Varpe Ø. 2019. Seasonal shifts in feeding patterns: individual and population realized specialization in a high Arctic fish. abstract and full text

Descamps et al 2019. Diverging phenological responses of Arctic seabirds to an earlier spring. Global Change Biology abstract

Bandara et al. 2019. Artificial evolution of behavioral and life history strategies of high-latitude copepods in response to bottom-up and top-down selection pressures. Progress in Oceanography abstract


And some "classics":

Varpe Ø, Daase M, Kristiansen T. 2015. A fish-eye view on the new Arctic lightscape. ICES Journal of Marine Science 72: 2532-2538 abstract pdf

Ji R, Jin M, Varpe Ø. 2013. Sea ice phenology and timing of primary production pulses in the Arctic Ocean. Global Change Biology  19: 734-741 abstract  pdf

Varpe Ø. 2012. Fitness and phenology: annual routines and zooplankton adaptations to seasonal cycles. Journal of Plankton Research 34: 267-276  full text

Varpe Ø. et al. 2007. Early is better: seasonal egg fitness and timing of reproduction in a zooplankton life-history model. Oikos 116: 1331-1342  pdf 


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