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Aashifa Yaqoob

PhD Candidate

Addressing under-reporting of childhood TB in Pakistan

CIH PhD candidate, Aashifa Yaqoob, is undertaking the first ever national TB inventory study in Pakistan involving children under 15.

Tuberculosis (TB) in children can be difficult to diagnose and Yaqoob’s work shows that even if diagnosed, up to 80% of TB cases in children are not reported to Pakistan’s routine surveillance systems. In addition to being a PhD candidate, Yaqoob is employed at the National TB Control Program (NTP) in Pakistan.

Tangled web of health care options

One of the issues complicating both the diagnosis and reporting situation, is the complexity of health care service options available (or not available) in Pakistan. For example, there are many, large and mostly unregulated private actors in the health care sector.


Aashifa Yaqoob has a BSc, a MSc in Statistics, and a MS in Public Health.

Title of planned PhD:

Burden and management of childhood tuberculosis in Pakistan


Working as Bio-statistician for HQ of NTP Pakistan since 2013. Teaching at Health Services Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan at MS level


Co-author in 38 papers since 2012, 30 in the last 5 years.


Sven Gudmund Hinderaker (UiB)

Dr Razia Fatima (local)


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