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Immunforsvarets frontliner

A field report from Engelsen's research stay at the French Research Institute Gustave Roussy (Paris, France) in the norwegian journal Forskerforum explains how we aim to engage the immune system in the eradication of cancers. (Article by Kjerstin Gjengedal). 

On a quest to cure cancer

'The premature death from cancer of a close friend and colleague, made Agnete Engelsen even more determined to find a way to cure this devastating disease.'

The PhD interview/ cancer research. Article in the UiB Magazine by Jens Helleland Ådnanes. 

Great excitement at the Research fair in Bergen

Excited children and adults crowded the Research Fair when researchers at the Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) displayed living cancer cells in the microscope and performed a play about the cancer cell Greedy Frieda.

Read more about the research communication in the newspaper Studvest


CCBIO901 PhD course, Junior Scientist Symposium

MED1BIOMED, Mandatory MD course, Biomedisinske Tema

BMED331 Master course, Tumor biology

Academic article
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Reader opinion piece
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Masters thesis
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Doctoral dissertation
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
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Academic literature review
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