Hello hello! I am a SEAS programme postdoctoral fellow. During work hours, I spend most of my time exploring the ideas and imaginations of blue growth. In particular, I spend time trying to figure out why and how blue growth aspirations are implemented in the SEAS programme and in the Norwegian venture of deep-sea mining. Not to get lost, I use guiding topics such as knowledge, expertise, power, and the notions of damage.  

Our SEAS team is a group of postdocs from six faculties at UiB. We are privileged to work together, across disciplinary boundaries with a focus on marine sustainability.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes in our blog! Cannot choose what to read first? Here is one of my favourites from SEAS teammate Paul about neurodivergence in academia. Here is my second favourite about sharing in academia. 

We also have some podcast episodes planned, so follow us on MixCloud. Here is a podcast episode about my work.

In Norway, some of us are also lucky to be part of the AFINO network dedicated to responsible research. Here is my blog post from their thought-provoking, amazing summer school that was focused on Engaging in critical research within institutions.


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