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Alejandro Ayala-Wold

PhD Candidate
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Alejandro Ayala-Wold is an phd-candidate at the Department of Foreign Languages. He joined the department in august 2022 after obtaining a master’s degree from the University of Oslo, that placed emphasis on the Popular Party and Historical Memory in Spain between 2017 and 2018.

His research lies at the intersection of political communication, political history and developmental politics. Alejandro is highly interested in understanding how rightist parties uses historical memory to legitimate their political projects; how the radical-right polarizes european politics; ow ongoing worldwide crises have shifted the developmental attention away from Latin-America; and how natural resource extraction affects small-scale municipalities on the Dominican Republic.

His doctoral project consists of analyzing hundred political discourses in the period 2017-2023 made by the conservative Popular Party and radical-right party Vox, with the objective to establish and compare the polarizing tenets in their memory discourse, and how this has contributed to the appearance of new dicthonomies. 

Alejandro has background as a high-school teacher in Norway. Teaching history, Social sciences and Spanish.

At UiB, he teaches two courses:

SPLA106: 'History, Culture and Society in Spain' introductionary examination of important modern day events that influences Spain. Ranging from historical memory, progressivism, the radical right, and feminism.

SPLA109: 'Latin American History' aming to provide overview of important historical events and developments. The course is thought with a historical approach, and this gives students thematic insight to contemporary issues, which are relevant for present day politics, economy and society in the region.


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