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Alex Tidd

Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoctoral reesearcher
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In my current position at the University of Bergen I am researching underutilised fishing efficiency and how this threatens the long-term sustainability and biodiversity of marine capture fisheries and seafood supply including those threatened by climate change.

Book chapter

  • Hutton, T., A, Mardle, S, Tidd, A.N. (2008). Advances in Fisheries Science (Book Chapter). The decline of the fishing fleets along the English and Welsh Coastline. 50 years on from Beverton and Holt. Blackwell Publishing, Eds: A. Payne, J. Cotter, and T. Potter, pages 26– 48.  https://doi.org/10.1002/9781444302653.ch2


  Refereed journal articles

  • Tidd, A.N, Molinos, J., Ojea, E., Watson, R. Estimating global artisanal fishing fleet responses in an era of rapid environmental and economic change. (Submitted to F and F Feb 2022)

  • Tidd, A.N, Rousseau, Y., Ojea, E., Blanchard, J.L., Watson, R. Food security challenged by declining efficiencies of artisanal fishing fleets: A global country-level analysis. Global Food Security. 32, 100598. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gfs.2021.100598

  • Tidd, A.N. and Hutton, T. Assessing global artisanal fishers’ economic performance in relation to trophic and climatic indicators. (Ready for submission to Marine Policy, Ready for submission March 2022).

  • Aguion, A., Tidd, A.N., Ojea, E., Macho, G., Costello, C. Bio-economic model of stalked barnacle (Rotational harvesting). (In prep – submit in April 2022).

  • Tidd, A.N.,  Palacios, J., Ojea, E.. Climate change will outdate the European Union fisheries quota allocation. (In prep-submit April 2022).

  • Rubio, I., Otero, D., Ojea, E., Aguion, A., Tidd, A.N. Socioeconomic implications of the observed climate change distributional impacts in commercial marine species. (In prep – submit April 2022)

  • Tidd, A.N., Blanchard, J.L Kell, L.T., Watson, R.  (2018). Predicting global tuna vulnerabilities with spatial, economic, biological and climatic considerations. Nature Scientific Reports, 8, 10572. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-28805-z

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