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Amy Elaine van den Hooven

  • E-mailamy.hooven@uib.no
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    Parkveien 9
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Amy is a multidisciplinary designer who seeks to take a collaborative design approach in tackling complex issues related to health and well-being. Her background in design started at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where she studied environmental design. She then completed her Masters in Design at UiB. In 2020 she started the Open Pain Lab, which focuses on designing methods and objects that can help open up the dialogue about pain. Whether Amy is collaborating to design something intangible, like a service or system, or tangible, like a space or object, creating a discourse that can lead to positive change is Amy’s ultimate goal as a designer.

Currently, Amy is working on an interdisciplinary project called Communicating Cognitive Decline: Language Games and Tactile Objects (CCD), which has been funded by UiB idé. She is also part of the research group Neuro-SysMed: Philosophy of Neurodegeneration.

Co-teacher of Master in Design level courses at KMD, focused on participatory design and discursive design pratices.

The innovation project Communicating Cognitive Decline: Language Games and Tactile Objects (CCD). The project team includes Jan Reinert Karlsen (Ph.D.), Amy van den Hooven (Master in Design), Caroline Engen (doctor in spesialisation, PhD), and Kristoffer Haugarvoll (MD, PhD).