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Anand Bhopal is a PhD Research Fellow at the Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS), which is situated within the Department for Global Health and Primary Care, on a 4-year Faculty of Medicine stipend. He is a medical doctor holding a masters degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health from University College London, with wide-ranging interests in ethics and global health. Previous positions include working in the Medical Director’s Office, Public Health England as a participant in the National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellowship Scheme, and junior researcher at the Unit for Migration Health, within the Norwegian Institute for Public Health. 

His PhD project ‘Climate Change, Malnutrition and Intergenerational Justice in Ethiopia’ will focus on the health impacts of climate change in Ethiopia. The research will be multidisciplinary and combine qualitative research, involving key policy makers in Ethiopia, with policy analysis and ethical analysis. By contextualising the research within a global justice framework, the research aims to assist Ethiopian policy makers prioritise different climate-related interventions and help promote equitable global collaboration to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

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