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I am a PhD-candidate in History at the department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion – AHKR – since January 2023. I have a master's degree in history from UiB, examining the trade of pulp and paper from Norwegian actors to the Chineese market during the late 1800s to early 1900s. 

My research project aims to study the development of the wood processing industry in Norway from c. 1850 - 1945. The study examines case studies of a paper factory in Bergen, Alvøen, and the cartels founded during the 1890s. This is done through a theoretical perspective based on network theory and new materialism, with a goal to increase the spatial understanding of what constitutes agency and who or what can be interpreted as meaningful agents in historical development. 

I am also part of the research group: Transnational History, 1750–present 

I can teach courses in European and global histroy with a focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In my teaching I aim to highlight transnational connections and to present options for explanatory models for how the world became increasingly interconnected during this time period. 

I created and have been the course responsible for the course "Industrialisering: En verden i endring 1750-1914", which is taught every fall, and I also supervise bachelor students that have topics that can fit into this as an overarching theme. 

HIS116 tema 11- Industialisering: En verden i endring 1750-1914