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Andreas Fjellstad

Postdoctoral fellow

Andreas Fjellstad's research is on logic with focus on logical paradoxes and logical validity from a proof-theoretic perspective with a FRIPRO mobility grant from The Research Council of Norway for the project Expressing Validity by Revision: Formal and Philosophical Aspects.

In connection with this prosject, Fjellstad was a visiting researcher at the University of Helsinki from April 2017 to March 2019.

Journal articles
  • Fjellstad, Andreas. 2018. Infinitary Contraction-free Revenge. Thought: a journal of philosophy. 7: 179-189. doi: 10.1002/tht3.382

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Fjellstad, A. (2018). Infinitary Contraction-free Revenge. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 7(3):179-189.

Fjellstad, A. (2017). Non-Classical Elegance for Sequent Calculus Enthusiasts. Studia Logica 105(1):93-119.

Fjellstad, A. (2016). Omega-Inconsistency Without Cuts and Nonstandard Models. Australasian Journal of Logic 13(5).

Fjellstad, A. (2016). Naïve modus ponens and failure of transitivity. Journal of Philosophical Logic 45(1):65-72.

Fjellstad, A. (2015). How a Semantics for Tonk Should Be. The Review of Symbolic Logic 8(3):488-505.


Other publications

Fjellstad, A. (2011). Har katter mistet kjærligheten til visdom? Filosofisk Supplement: 04/2011