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Lattas works on religious and political dynamics and sociocultural processes and have done fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, Australia and Greece.


Sant104 Culture, Meaning and Communication

Sant201. The Theory and History of Social Anthropology

Sant203 Religion, Rituals and Political Realities

Sant301. Anthropological research methodologies and theory development

Academic article
  • 2013. Creating Creativity: Bruce Kapferer at Adelaide University. Religion and Society: Advances in Research. 12-20.
Short communication
  • 2014. Foucault, phenomenology and modernity in Melanesia. Oceania. 88-94.
Masters thesis
  • 2018. Good Game, Well Played: A Ethnographic Study of Collegiate Esport in Southern California.
  • 2018. "To hell with you and your union, we are going whatever you say". An ethnographic study of how class, race, ethnicity, and immigration affected the Brexit referendum.
  • 2015. Producing Desire: South Korea's Neoliberal Economy.
  • 2015. Cuba, Santería & The Dances of The Orichas.
  • 2015. Crafting Distinctions. Reinventing work, Desire and Design Among the Petty Bourgeoisie of Paris.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2015. The Fear of Fever. Epidemic Persistence and Medical Authority in a Kerala Village.
  • 2014. Land, environment & violence: The high cost of logging in Pomio.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

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2005.  [with Gary Kildea and Andrea Simon] Koriam's Law - and the dead who govern. 110 min. The film won the Royal Anthropological Institute Prize.

Chapters in anthologies
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Regional focus: Papupa New Guinea, Australia, Greece

Tematisk: Traditional religion, Christianity, cargo cults, gender relations, masks and secrecy i Papua New Guinea, racism and ethnicity in Australia, sociocultural changes in Greece