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After my A-level education with special classes in arts and music I studied in the 90s Applied Media Sciences at the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany. The study was at that time uniqe of its kind combining different disciplines from engineering, economy and social sciences. I was introduced to basic knowledge in higher mathmatics, informatics, electrical engineering, telematics and media technology as well as in business economy, macroeconomics. I also enjoyed a basic juridical education and studied typical disciplines of social sciences such political sciences as well as media and communication theory, journalism and business communication.

In addition to that, I studied art history, pedagogy as well as German literature and language. The scope of different disciplines which I had the pleasure to learn about has spurred my interest especially in philosophical questions and sociological theory, because my education has enabled me to look on societal issues from a broader analytical perspective and to see the visible and unvisible links within and between complex issues and to understand the logics of different discplines. It is this hybrid perspective on technology, economy and social sciences but also my personal interest in especially philosophy, arts and history that guides my research and my academic interests.



Academic article
  • Show author(s) 2021. Adopting a mojo mindset: Training newspaper reporters in mobile journalism. Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism.
  • Show author(s) 2020. “We in the Mojo Community” – Exploring a Global Network of Mobile Journalists, Journalism Practice. Journalism Practice.
  • Show author(s) 2020. “We in the Mojo Community” – Exploring a Global Network of Mobile Journalists . Journalism Practice.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Overvåkingskapitalismen som demokrati-utfordring .
  • Show author(s) 2020. Overvåkingskapitalismen som demokrati-utfordring.
  • Show author(s) 2018. Practice and engagement of the "MoJo community" – dissemination of knowledge and enthusiasm for mobile technologies in journalistic practices.
  • Show author(s) 2017. Journalism in Transformation. From Mobile to Virtual and Hyper Realities.
  • Show author(s) 2016. Mobile Drives Visual: Smart Mobile Technology in Journalism Practice”.
Popular scientific lecture
  • Show author(s) 2020. Paneldiskusjon "Demokratisk digitalisering - en nordisk modell" kommentarer og innspill til Hilde Nagell`s bok "Digital revolusjon -hvordan ta makten og friheten tilbake?".
Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) 2020. Zuboff`s theory of surveillance capitalism.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Pioneer journalism - Zooming in on new agents and intermediaries in journalism innovation .
  • Show author(s) 2018. Practice of the «MoJo community».
  • Show author(s) 2018. New journalistic practices based on mobile technologies.
  • Show author(s) 2018. Challenges and suggestions for 
a responsible design of the “AI narrator”.
  • Show author(s) 2017. Smart Mobile Technology in Journalism Practice.
  • Show author(s) 2017. Shared Responsibility for Manufactured Uncertainty? A critical reflection on the RRI-approach in the light of Ulrich Beck`s social theory of risks .
  • Show author(s) 2017. Mapping the MoJo-sphere: Actors, Places, Technologies and Discussions.
Feature article
  • Show author(s) 2019. OBS, Facebook! – Her tar «en menneskelig komponent» ordet. morgenbladet.no.
  • Show author(s) 2019. Hvem høster Norges nye oljerikdom? Morgenbladet.
  • Show author(s) 2019. Akilleshælen til det nasjonale digitaliseringseksperimentet. morgenbladet.no.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Podcast for Vox Publica med Anders Johansen om Overvåkingskapitalismen som demokrati-utfordring .
  • Show author(s) 2020. Overvåkingskapitalismen som demokrati-utfordring, Intervju av Anders Johansen for Vox Publica.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Digitale skoleløsninger uten nasjonale retningslinjer.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Derfor vil NRK at du skal logg inn.
  • Show author(s) 2018. Smartphone-Reporting – nicht nur Segen.
Interview Journal
  • Show author(s) 2020. Krever dataplan. Klassekampen.
  • Show author(s) 2020. Hun tar kampen mot Goliath. Klassekampen.

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