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Anna Hughes

Associate Professor, Quaternary Earth Systems
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I am interested in ice sheets and glaciers, and their interaction with climate. I use traces left by the action of ice movement preserved in the landscape to reconstruct the past size, movement and dynamics of former ice masses.

My research to date has included: geomorphological mapping of glacial landforms across Britain, primarily using digital elevation models but also in the field; identification of glacial trimlines in south-east Greenland using multi-spectral satellite imagery; and 10Be exposure dating of glacially streamlined surfaces and erratic boulders in Greenland and Norway to determine ice-retreat rates.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8584-5202

Scopus Author ID: 20436383200

ResearcherID: J-5628-2015


GEOV223 Quaternary sea-level changes (2012-2018)

GEOV228 Quaternary geochronology (2012-2018)

GEOV229 Geomorphology (Spring 2013)

Publications in Google scholar

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RISES Quantifying and understanding rates of ice sheet change



GLIMPSE Project, Swansea University

BRITICE CHRONO, University of Sheffield

2009 PhD ‘The last British Ice Sheet: a reconstruction based on glacial landforms’, University of Sheffield and British Geological Survey

2004 MSc Quaternary Science, University of London

2002 BSc Physical Geography, University of Sheffield