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My PhD project aims to analyse cultural heritage policy in Norway. Politically, heritage has gone from being something that only needs to be preserved, to become something that can be used as a resource in society.

My main focus lie on the relationsship between heritage and the future. This is an essential part of cultural heritage policy, since visions of what future we wish for, and preserve for, determines what we chose to keep and value, which in turn creates the prerequisites for said future.

  • 2019. Kulturarvspolitik. Kulturarv som samhällsresurs i svensk politik. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift. 134-153.
  • 2018. Kulturarvspolitik. En analys av kulturarvsbegreppet i den svenska regeringens kulturarvsproposition 2017.
  • 2018. "Nostalgi över tid: en kort begreppshistoria". Molo idehistorisk studenttidsskrift.
  • 2017. "Den öde ön som plats i Ida Hegazi Høyers Fortellingen om øde". 19 pages.
  • 2016. "Is the past a foreign country? A question about time". Fortid. 52-58.
  • 2015. Första världskriget i svensk skönlitteratur. Krigsberättelser i en neutral nation 1944-2014.

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