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Anne Helene S. Tandberg

I am fascinated by the diversity, systematics and ecology of peracarid crustacea. My recent research employs integrative taxonomy – the combination of morphological and molecular methods to examine the evolutionaly connections between different taxon-groups. Another and important part of my work is to build DNA barcode reference libraries of crustaceans based on the Museum Collections we have here at the University Museum of Bergen.

In my research I very often examine amphipods from “extreme” habitats such as the deep-sea, polar regions or hydrothermal vents. What adjustments do they have to survive in the extreme habitats, and how do they (or don’t they) disperse to other areas? I am also interested in amphipods as symbionts with other taxa, such as mollusks or cnidaria.

I am committee-leader for marine invertebrates (excepting Annelida and Mollusca) for the Norwegian Red Lists, and I work with providing scientific background for national and international managements establishing Marine Protected Areas and with evaluation of Environmentally Important Areas.

I am editor for Amphipoda in WoRMS and for the Norwegian Species Nomenclature Database. I am subject editor for the OA journal Fauna Norvegica. I am the European Governor of the Crustacean Society (TCS) and co-editor of the Amphipod Newsletter.

Blog from Norwegian Marine Amphipoda: http://evertebrat.b.uib.no/ #TangloppeTorsdag

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  • Show author(s) (2023). Wie wird eigentlich der Meeresgrund erforscht?
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