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Environmental influence on fish behaviour and ecosystem functioning.  Model organisms are marine and freshwater fish. I work in the field and  with experiments.



BIO325: Ocean Science (Start up autumn 2016)


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Expertise in Research

  • Marine ecology
  • Fish behaviour 

Field studies: biology and ecology of cod, gobies and mesopelagic fish from research cruises to Norwegian fjords, the Norwegian Sea, and to the Benguela ecosystem outside South Africa and Namibia.

Experimental work: fish behaviour with emphasis on learning and cognitive ability in fish and how they respond to environmental variability.

Conservation and extensive mariculture of fish populations. 

Supervision: I have supervised more than 25 PhD and Master student projects



Recent and ongoing projects

2018-2021: PRIMA LEARNING: Connecting hands-on-PRactice and Innovative MArine ecological sampling methods and analysis tools for enhancing student LEARNING of ocean science; RCN funding NOK 4.5 mill; PI: Salvanes

2018: Seed funding for international collaboration on research- and capacity building (SPIRE); UiB- funding NOK 100.000; PI: Salvanes

2018: Fulbright-Scholarship; NOK 100.000; PI: Salvanes 

2016-2018: Ecosystem, climate and variation in a "marine mini-ecosystem": a fjord in western Norway (Olav Thon Foundation for national tuition-related research projects); NOK 1.2 mill; PI Salvanes

2014-2016: Nursery environments and survival of samon fry (Nansen foundation); NOK 150.000, PI: Salvanes

2014: Release of "smart fish" to contribute to restoration of the Vosso salmon population and the salmon tourism (Forprosjekt - RFFVEST); NOK 200.000; PI: Salvanes; jointly with Voss Hatchery and UNI Environment.

2013-2014: Mekanismar for utvikling av overlevingsstrategi hos laks – felteksperiment, åtferdseksperiment og modellering. UiB BIO - Seed funding; PI Salvanes; NOK 75.000

2011-2012: Life-history strategies in an extreme marine environment: behavioural and physiological adaptations. UiB FRIFORSK; PI Salvanes; 300.000 NOK

2011-2012:  Behavioural and molecular mechanisms behind the Benguela goby's (Sufflogobius bibarbatus)adaptation to naturally occurring hypoxia. The Meltzer-foundation; PI: Salvanes; 400.000 NOK 

 2010-2012: Integrative Fish Behavioural Neuroscience Network; NORDFORSK Researcher Networks 2010; PIs E. Høglund, L Ebbesson, AGV Salvanes et al

2010-2011: Causes of the Benguela goby's success among jellyfish and toxic sediments in a heavily overfished ecosystem; The Meltzer-foundation; PI: Salvanes; 300.000 NOK 

2007-2010: Gobies and hake in the hypoxic waters of the Benguela up-welling current; The Norwegian Research Council;  PIs Utne-Palm, Salvanes, Gibbons, Kaartvedt, Nilsson, Currie; 1.5 mill NOK

2007-2011: The trade-off between immune function and brain development in zebra fish; The Norwegian Research Council; PIs: Salvanes, Skorping, Jakobsen, Braithwaite, van der Meeren and Beltz(including PhD-fellowship for Olav Moberg and prof-II for Victoria Braithwaite); 3.8 mill NOK

2006-2007: Fish behaviour and brain developments; Meltzer- University Fund; PIs Jakobsen, Salvanes, Braithwaite; NOK 170.000.

2004-2005: Effect of variable rearing environments on migratory return rates of Atlantic salmon; Irish Hydroelectric Board; PIs Braithwaite, Salvanes; NOK 480.000

2003-2005: Habitat choice and activity in relation to hypoxia and haemoglobin genotype in fish; comparisons across populations and species; PIs Salvanes, Braithwaite, Utne-Palm; The Norwegian Research Council; NOK 2.4 mill.(including Research fellowship for Jon Egil Skjæraasen)

2003-2005: Ecology of the goby Sufflogobius bibarbatus in the Benguela upwelling ecosystem; Norway and South Africa Research Councils; PIs Salvanes,  Utne-Palm, Gibbons, Currie; NOK 1.0 mill.

1999- 2003: Environmental influence on fish populations (Strategic University Program; PIs Salvanes, Aksnes, Folkvord; The Norwegian Research Council; NOK 7.3 mill.(including PhD-fellowship for Jon Egil Skjæraasen)

2001: Guest professorship for PJB Hart; UiB-fund 120.000NOK

1997-1999: Experimental and model studies of statedependent feeding behaviour in fish (The Norwegian Research Council; PI Salvanes, NOK 1.6 mill). (Including Research fellowship for AGV Salvanes)

1997-1999:  Causes of competitive differences in juvenile cod: experiments and models (British Royal Society; PIs Paul JB Hart and AGV Salvanes)

1995-1997: Mesopelagic fish in the Norwegian Sea. PI AGV Salvanes (PhD-fellowship for Jon Bent Kristoffersen); The Norwegian Research Council; NOK 1.05 mill.

1995-1997: Biological model-simulations for extensivecod mariculture. PIs AGV Salvanes and B. Baliño (Research fellowship for Beatrize Baliño); The Norwegian Research Council/PUSH; NOK 0.9 mill.

1994-1996: Modelling feeding behaviour in fish. PI AGV Salvanes (Researc fellowship for AGV Salvanes). NOK 1.2 mill

Research groups