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Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning

Academic Librarian
UB, Seksjon for utdannings- og forskningsstøtte
  • E-mailAnne.Tonning@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 86 21
  • Visitor Address
    Christiegt. 12
  • Postal Address
    Postboks 7808
    5020 BERGEN
Academic article
  • Kolstø, Stein Dankert; Bungum, Berit; Arnesen, Erik; Isnes, Anders; Kristensen, Terje; Mathiassen, Ketil; Mestad, Idar; Quale, Andreas; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik; Ulvik, Marit. 2006. Science students' critical examination of scientific information related to socio-scientific issues. Science Education. 632-655.
  • Mikki, Susanne Ruth; Arnesen, Erik; Lein, Regina Kufner; Skagen, Therese Skarås; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik; Torras, Maria Carme. 2004. Information literacy : New pedagogic challenges for the university library. Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly. 14-17.
  • Kolstø, Stein Dankert; Ulvik, Marit; Mestad, Idar; Quale, Andreas; Isnes, Anders; Kristensen, Terje; Mathiassen, Ketil; Arnesen, Erik; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik. 2004. Danning, informasjonsvurdering og argumentering i naturvitenskap. Acta Didactica. 82 pages.
Academic lecture
  • Skagen, Therese; Rullestad, Tove; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik. 2010. Integrating Information Literacy within the University Curriculum: Cooperation between University of Bergen Library and the Centre for University Pedagogy.
  • Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik; Smith, Kari; Krumsvik, Rune Johan; Steen, Odd Inge; Ulvik, Marit. 2008. Teacher Training Students and the School Library.
  • Smith, Kari; Krumsvik, Rune Johan; Steen, Odd Inge; Ulvik, Marit; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik. 2008. Becoming partners- examining possible effects after the first semester of implementing a new university-school partnership model.
  • Gullbekk, Eystein; Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik; Torras Calvo, Maria Carme; Skagen, Therese. 2014. Editorial. Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education, NORIL. 1-5.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik. 2006. The Learning Centre Model at the University of Bergen Library. 17 pages.
  • Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik; Gullbekk,, Eystein. 2007. Information literacy education at the Faculty of Psychology – a cumulative discipline-based information literacy programme.
  • Tonning, Anne Sissel Vedvik. 2002. E-learning and the role of the academic library : An example from the Department of Applied Education, University of Bergen.

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Cand.polit. in education

Subject librarian for education and child welfare


Interests: Learning in general. Particularly learning and information literacy.