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Conference proceedings

  • Raasakka A., Han H., Myllykoski M. & Kursula P. (2018) Flexibility of the Myelin Scaffolding Protein Periaxin. Biophys J. 114(3): S1,407a. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2017.11.2254. (62nd Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, San Francisco, CA, 17. - 21.2.2018)

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  • Raasakka A. (2019) The Characterization of Disordered Membrane-Binding Proteins of Myelin: A Biophysical Approach. Degree: Philosophiae Doctor (PhD), University of Bergen, Norway. ISBN: 978-82-308-3520-3.

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  • Raasakka A. (2010) TNF-α ja etanersepti - sytokiini ja sen inhibiittori. Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Oulu, Finland.

News, highlights and other publications

  • Protein-Lipid Interactions: Advanced Experimental and Computational Tools. Workshop report in NBS Nytt 3/2017: 30-31.


  • Houry D., Raasakka A., Bockwoldt M., Niere M., Heiland I., Kursula P. & Ziegler M. Structural insights into the catalytic mechanism of human NAMPT. The NAD+ Metabolism and Signaling Conference. 23. - 28.6.2019, Dublin, Ireland.

  • Raasakka A., Myllykoski M., Ruskamo S., Baumann A., Kowal J., Stahlberg H., Eichel M., Werner H., Sherman D., Brophy P. & Kursula P. Intrinsic Disorder and Myelin Protein Complexes. Current Topics in Myelin Research. 28.2. - 2.3.2019, Kassel, Germany.

  • Raasakka A., Han H., Myllykoski M. & Kursula P. Flexibility of the Myelin Scaffolding Protein Periaxin. The 62nd Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. 17. - 21.2.2018, San Francisco, CA, United States of America.

  • Raasakka A. & Kursula P. Molecular Flexibility of Myelin Proteins Enables Tight Packing of Lipid Multilayers. The Kavli Prize Symposium in Nanoscience. Atomic Force Microscopy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 25.9.2017, Zürich, Switzerland.

  • Raasakka A., Baumann A., Barker R., Ruskamo S., Kowal J., Myllykoski M., Bürck J., Stahlberg H. & Kursula P. Myelin Basic Protein - Unraveling Lipid Interactions and Membrane Insertion. 7th Annual BioStruct Conference. 25. - 28.8.2016, Jægtvolden, Norway.

  • Raasakka A., Myllykoski M., Ruskamo S., Laulumaa S. & Kursula P. Exploring the Many Proteins of Myelin - Structural Enzymology and Membrane Stacking in vitro. HERCULES Specialized Course HSC16: Non-atomic resolution scattering in biology and soft matter. 15. - 19.9.2014, Grenoble, France.

  • Raasakka A.*, Laulumaa S.*, Chukhlieb M., Han H., Muruganandam G., Myllykoski M., Ruskamo S. & Kursula P. Structural Biology of the Myelin Membrane - A Biophysical Approach to a Biological Problem. Biocenter Oulu Discovery of the Year. 16.12.2014, Oulu, Finland.


* Equal contribution     † Corresponding author

Professional interests

Methods in structural & physical biochemistry, method development & optimization, enzymology, structural biology, neurobiochemistry, teaching


Practical experience

  • Macromolecular X-ray crystallography
  • Small-angle X-ray scattering & diffraction
  • Isotropic & oriented synchrotron circular dichroism spectropolarimetry
  • Synchrotron light sources
  • Neutron reflectometry & small-angle neutron scattering
  • Top-down mass spectrometry; peptide fingerprinting; H-D exchange (MALDI-TOF, LC-ESI-TOF)
  • Atomic force microscopy (mostly imaging)
  • Stopped flow kinetics
  • Surface plasmon resonance (Biacore)
  • Lights scattering methods (SEC-MALS, DLS)
  • UV-vis absorption & fluorescence methods
  • Differential scanning calorimetry
  • Fluorescence-based thermal stability assays (Thermofluor/DSF)
  • Isothermal titration calorimetry
  • Recombinant protein expression using E. coli and S. cerevisiae
  • Protein purification using various chromatography methods
  • Molecular biology methods (classical subcloning & mutagenesis; Gateway cloning)
  • Windows & Linux environments; MS Office; GraphPad Prism; ATSAS; ScÅtter; XDS; Phenix; PyMOL



    • PhD, 2019, Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen, Norway 
    • MSc, 2012, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oulu, Finland
    • BSc, 2011, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oulu, Finland



    • Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen, Norway (2015–present)
    • Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (FBMM), University of Oulu, Finland (2013–2015)
    • Centre for Structural Systems Biology, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (CSSB-HZI), Hamburg, Germany (2012)
    • Department of Biochemistry, University of Oulu, Finland (2008, 2010–2012)


    Research visits

    • The Integrative Structural Biology lab (ERL 9002 CNRS), University of Lille, France (2019)
    • German Electron Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg, Germany (2012)
    • Biophysical and structural characterization of myelin-like proteolipid model systems - The role of protein disorder and net charge in myelination and disease development.
    • Protein-membrane and protein-protein interactions in myelin - Affinity, kinetics, stoichiometry & structure. 

    Research groups