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Asia Alsgaard

Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellow, SEAS Programme, SapienCE, AHKR
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I am a SEAS Programme post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bergen SFF Centre for Early Sapiens (SapienCE) and Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies, and Religion in Bergen, Norway.

I am an anthropological archaeologist who specializes in zooarchaeology, or the study of animal remains. My research focuses on why and how people decide to include or remove wild animals in their diet and the relationship of these decisions to climatic change and habitat availability. Regionally, I have worked in the U.S. southwest and Mesoamerica spanning the Paleoindian to Colonial periods.

For my postdoctoral research, I am identifying changes in the coastal environment and human harvesting practices of fish and seals during the Middle Stone Age and Late Stone Age along the southern Cape of South Africa using stable isotope analyses. I will also use these data to address present day issues in marine sustainability along the southern Cape.