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My research interests are in the thematic field of governing and developing of the education system. I have concentrated my work especially on how responsibility is managed and how to ensure quality of the educational provision. In connection with this, I have studied teachers' competence development both in teacher education and the profession, assessment at all levels, and how the school system meets a diverse group of students. In a current project we are investigating the interplay between commercial stakeholders and public schools. Theoretically, the work is based on pedagogy, sociology of education, organisational theory and professional theory. 


MA/BA in pedagogy

Pedagogy in Teacher education

School leader education

Continuing education for teachers

Selected articles:

Tolo, A (in print):  The Norwegian Trust-Based Approach to Assessment and Social Justice. In: Assael Hevia and Florez Petour: Social justice in assessment. Mexico. CIESAS (Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, Mexico). The book will be published in Spanish. 

Tolo, A (2023): The formation and development of a Norwegian accountability system. In: Mattei, P, Dumay, X, Mangez, E. & Behrend, J. (Eds.) OUP Handbook of Education and Globalization. Oxford University Press.

Tolo, A (2022): Performance standards in Assessment and Possible Alternatives. In: Riese, H., Hilt, L & Søreide, G.: Increased Standardisation in a Diverse world. The Encounter Between Standards and Diversity in Educational Policy and Practice. Emerald Publishing.

Tolo, A., Lillejord, S., Petour, M. T. F., & Hopfenbeck, T. N. (2019). Intelligent accountability in schools: A study of how school leaders work with the implementation of assessment for learning. Journal of Educational Change, 1-24.

Selected reports: 

Tolo, A., Hagatun, K. & Hesjedal, E. (2022): Kartlegging av samhandling mellom skular, rettleiingsteneste, lærebedrift og anna støtteapparat i Vestland fylkeskommune. Rapport. UiB, Vestland Fylke URL: https://www.uib.no/fg/kos/157220/samhandling-mellom-skular-og-rettleiing...

Lillejord, S., Børte, K., Ruud, E., Hauge, T.E., Hopfenbeck, T.N., Tolo, A., Fisher-Griffiths, P. , Smedby, J. C. (2014) Former for lærervurdering som kan ha positive innvirkning på skolens kvalitet. En systematisk kunnskapsoversikt. Oslo. Kunnskapssenter for utdanning. URL: https://www.uis.no/nb/kunnskapssenter-for-utdanning/ressurser/former-for...

Hopfenbeck, T. N, Tolo, A., Florez, T. & El Masri, Y. (2013) Balancing Trust and Accountability? The Assessment for Learning Programme in Norway. A Governing Complex Education Stystems Case Study. Paris. OECD. URL: http://www.oecd.org/edu/ceri/Norwegian%20GCES%20case%20study%20OECD.pdf

A comparative study of the interplay between private stakeholders and public schools in Italy and Norway (Pilot)

Astrid Tolo, Anne Homme & Sara Bornati (University of Bergen)

Italy and Norway are two countries that have a relatively low level of private schools and strong state regulations over the education system. Despite this, the influence of different kinds of none state actors in schools is growing. The non-state actors would include private for profit (commercial) but also foundations (these are also not-for-profit). We will explore this field and are in the process of designing a comparative study, beginning with a pilot study to get an overview of the field.


Interdisciplinary cooperation concerning students with special needs

Astrid Tolo, Kari Hagatun, Elisabeth Hesjedal

The project maps the interaction between schools and guidance services in Vestland County municipality. We have collaborated with the Section for Quality Vestland County Municipality on the project, which was carried out under the state-funded scheme "Kompetansløftet for special pedagogy and inclusive practice".

Leader of the Steering Committee CABUTE (2021- 2022), member of steering committee (2022 - ) https://www.uib.no/en/cabute

Head of Department, Department of Education, UiB (2017-2021)

Vice Director at the Center for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE), UiB (2016-2017)

Deputy leader of Department of Education, UiB (2013-2016)

Research Associate, OUCEA, University of Oxford (2014-2019)

Head of UiB´s school leader education (2013-2015)


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