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My field of research is within Japanese linguistics, and my PhD dissertation from 2017 was about person deixis in a contrastive perspective. Person deixis is not grammaticalized in the same way in Japanese as in English and other European languages, and in addition, nominal ellipsis is frequent in Japanese. In my dissertation, I have tried to find out whether the Japanese grammar system has any compensatory devices that serve to clarify the coding of participant roles. The entire dissertation is accessible here: http://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/17273

In 2013, I organized the 9th conference of the Nordic Association of Japanese and Korean Studies (NAJAKS) in collaboration with colleagues in the Bergen Area. 

I have appeared in Norwegian media (local and national radio and television) on several occasions as an expert on Japanese language and culture.

I work as a Teaching Professor (docent) of Japanese linguistics at our department, and teach Japanese language on elementary and intermediate levels. I also give lectures on topics related to Japanese society and culture, such as Meiji history, religion, gender/family and Japan in East-Asia. 

I have experience as an interpreter and translator (mainly Japanese-Norwegian) on a variety of topics.

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学位:1992年度大阪大学現代日本語学講座修士号取得、博士課程中退 (指導教官 仁田義雄先生)、2017年度ベルゲン大学外国語学科博士号取得(指導教官 ラース・ラルム先生)

博士論文: http://bora.uib.no/handle/1956/17273