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Bente Elisabeth Moen

Professor, Director at Centre for International Health and Global Challenges
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International health

My special research topic has been occupational medicine for many years. However, since early nineties I have been involved in projects in low-income countries. Work with global health is my main interest.

My PhD thesis concerned exposure to organic solvents and health effects in the nervous system, and I have special competence in Neurotoxicology.

Often my studies are epidemiological. For my occupational studies, epidemiological studies are often in combination with exposure assessments at work.

Exposure to dust and airway symptoms at work has been one of my interests the past year, as respiratory health problems are huge globally.

Other topics I have an interest for are shift work, noise levels at work and trafficing.

Also, I work on capacity building of surgery in LIC as well as global mental health issues.

Medical students

Master students in Global Health - track for Occupational Hygiene

Students all over the world are interesting for me; running a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Occupational Health in Developing Countries

International health

Occupational medicine