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West Bank, Sri Lanka, Palestinian Refugees, UNRWA, Humanitarianism, Globalization, Gender

Academic article
  • 2011. Positioning the "I"-subject - Reflections on Performance and Knowledge Production during Fieldwork. Review of Women's Studies. 67-77.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2014. Etter den Arabiske våren: Kvifor vart det ingen "vår" i intifadaens land?
  • 2012. Velkommen til Aida Flyktningleir.
Academic lecture
  • 2013. Education is Employment is Empowerment, is it? An Empirical inquiry into Women and Work in the West Bank.
  • 2013. Breadwinning Daughters – Education, Income and Patriarchy among West Bank Refugees.
  • 2012. UNRWA's Job Creation Programme - Gender effects.
  • 2012. UNRWA and political neutrality: A challenge to labour equality?
  • 2011. Activist Research – Reflections on performance and knowledge-production during fieldwork.
  • 2010. Localizing of Globalization: A gendered perspective on UNRWA.
  • 2008. Tsunami Portraits - Interventional consequences of outsider interpretations.
Feature article
  • 2011. Palestina i Limbo. Bergens Tidende.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2015. "A humanitarian solution to a political problem". UNRWA between globalized values and localized meaning.
  • 2012. UiB's Grand Prix stjerner.
  • 2012. Snart er Berit klar for Forsker Grand Prix.
  • 2012. Mohabs lille datter er på Gazastripen.
  • 2012. Fire minutt frå Vestbreidda.
Programme participation
  • 2012. Forsker Grand Prix - Delfinale fra Bergen.

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Master's thesis: http://www.uib.no/povertypolitics/news.htm#berit

Master of Philosophy in Anthropology of Development

Extended fieldworks in Sri Lanka and the West Bank

The PhD project about UNRWA and the Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank, and is a part of the resaerch project Localizing Globalization: Gendered Transformations of Work in Developing Econimies.