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Current research comprises among other projects an article on "The Potential of Abductive Legal Reasoning", especially focusing on the role that comparison plays in solving legal questions. My hypothesis is that the abductive inferences are extremely important to legal reasoning and that such inferences occur at several point in tha chain of arguments leading to the solution of a given legal question. A challenging task is to convert the theories and cognitions regarding abduction in other fields of science to the field of law;  adjudication and legal dogmatic writing.

Currently three articles are submitted for publication;" Freedom of spech in Norway - violation and sanctions", in Helmut Koziol (ed.), Tatmittelsachen ound Werteurteilen, Medienrecht,  "The Scandinavian Legal Culture within Insurance Law", in Peter Wahlgren ( ed.) Scandinavian Studies of Law Volume 64 (2018) and "Liability for Means of Mass Transportation in Scandinavia", Journal oif European Tort Law 2018.

A recent publication is an article on hypothetic causation within tort law, investigating which solutions may be the better in situations where the but for-test offers no help (Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap 2017 no.4). A finding elaborated in the article is that one should distinguish between hypothetic causes that are "inherent" in the damaged object (typically medical weeknesses) and hypothetic causes coming from outside.

An article on The general reduction clause in the Norwegian Act on Compensatory Damages of 1969 is under publication in Tidsskrift ffor Ersratnignsgrett, forsikringsrett og trygderett, 2017 3-4.

I have since 2011 been a member of The European Group of Tort Law, a group of academic experts of tort law from various European countries, the United States, Israel and South Africa, see  http://www.egtl.org/

I have contributed to three comparative projects organised by the group - on proportional liability, public authority liability and product liability.

I am currently together with fellow member Israel Gilead (Israel) leading a comparative project on Prescription of tort claims, that is due to be finished in 2018. The interplay between the prescription periods, their starting point and the legal bases for postponement and suspension is an important feature of obligation law in the various jurisdictions in Europe and beyond. The combination of solutions on the mentioned point decides whether the plaintiff or the defendant is the most favoured. There are clear variations between the different European countries in this respect. There are, however, also common features of which the comparative project detect, analyse and explain.  

A project with the aim to compare how the European jurisdictions handle the Borderline between contract and tort is about to be finished. The project leader is Miquel Martin Casals, Gerona University, Spain.

Selected speeches:

2018    "Scandinavian Strict Liability solutions", Keynote speaker at the Annual Conference of European Tort law 7. April 2018, Vienna

2017    “Freedom of Speech in Norway – violations and sanctions" Konfeerenz: Tatsachenmitteilungen und Werteurteilungen, 23-24         November2017, University of Vienna, Austria

2017 "Coherence as driving force, working program and basis for findings" and "On utilising cholarly literature when writing legal dogmatic texts". National seminar for PhD-students, UiB , Solstrand "26 October 2017   

2015    "On Developments of Norwegian Tort law" Nordic Network Meeting for Tort Law Researchers, 30 November Bergen

2014    "On Basic Questions of Norwegian Tort Law", Conference Comparative stimulations of Tort Law, Graz, October 2014

2013    "Public Authority liability", Conference on Public Authority Liability, Graz  April 2013.

2010    "On Time and Tort law", Nordic Network Meeting for Tort Law researchers, Aarhus 2010


Professor Askeland has been in charge of the Tort Law Course for many years. He has also teached Law of obligtions and property

Askeland is in charge of the annual PhD-course "Legal Dogmatic Method and Skills of Writing"

Professor Askeland has been supervising masterstudents and phd-students since 2003.

He is currently supervising Øyvind Røed, State aid recovery  under Norwegian law




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