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Camilla Brautaset

Dean, The Faculty of Humanities
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Camilla Brautaset (born 1971) is professor of modern economic history at the Department of Archeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion (AHKR). Together with professor Ole Thomassen Hjortland as Vice-Dean, she was elected Dean of the Faculty of Humanities for the period 2021-2025.

Brautaset is trained in economics, history and economic history. Her doctoral thesis was within macroeconomic history and combined extensive archival in Norway and the UK, methods and perspectives from humanities with economic theories and quantitative analysis. In addition to macroeconomic history, Brautaset specialises in transnational history, quantitative sources and methods, economic policy and institutional change. In recent years her research interests have also evolved to include historiography as well as migration and missionary history.    

Brautaset headed the interdisciplinary research group “Transnational History and Cultural Encounters, 1850-present” from it was established in 2008 until 2014 and continues to be member of this group today.  In 2010 she received a major research grant through the Norwegian Research Council’s open projects within the Humanities: Merchants and Missionaries. Norwegian Encounters with China in a Transnational Perspective, 1890-1937. 

Brautaset has held several posts of academic services, including as member of the board for the Faculty of Humanities (2017–2021), member of the board for the Bergen Maritime Museum (since 2011), member of AHKR´s advisory board (2013–2017) and being national editor of The Scandinavian Economic History Review (2015–2017). She also chaired the University of Bergen´s Advisory Board for Academic Cooperation with China (2018–2020). 



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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Merchants and Missionaries (project leader)

The History of Oslo Stock Exchange (2016 - 2019)


Master students: 

  • Beate Husetuft (2007) : Likskap på for lova?: den norske boikottlova mot Sør-Afrika og Namibia 1986/87
  • Martine Jensen (2007) : Barne- og ungdomsarbeid den bergenske handelsflåten 1800-1900
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  • Pål-Arne Aam (2008), Norsk bistand og Noremco: eit samarbeid i spenningsfeltet mellom altruisme og eigeninteresse
  • Silje Danielsen (Silje Een de Amoriza) (2009), Regime building and consolidation in Paraguay: in perspective of agrarian legislation 1954-2008 
  • Ingrid Myrstad (2009), Generalkonsulatet i Kina. En studie av en svensk-norsk utenriksstasjon 1842–1905
  • Øyvind Samuelsen (2009), Kinoloven 1913: kupp for åpen scene?
  • Siri Bjarnar (2010), Ordenes makt. Fatalisme og afrikanisme i norske avisers fremstillinger av folkemordet i Rwanda
  • Arnt-Ove Skoge (2010), Hvor fartøy bygges kan... : Skipsindustriell utvikling i Møre og Romsdal i lys av statlige rammevilkår 1975-2000
  • Kristian Botten Pedersen (2010), Med akevitt til biffen. Norsk immigrasjon til Argentina 1880–1930
  • Erik Gotteberg Eide (2010), Klin kokos: kommunal krisehåndtering under første verdenskrig. En analyse av statens krisehåndteringspolitikk overfor kommunene, kommunal krisehåndtering og Provainteringsrådet i Bergen commune
  • Thomas Nordbø Berg (2011), Mellom politikk og marked? En studie av Pengepolitisk avdeling i Norges Bank, IMF og spørsmålet om den norske penge- og kredittpolitikken ca. 1965-1980
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  • Marte Drønen Lægreid (forventet 2015), Anna Jakobsen Cheng
  • Jakob Tønnessen (forventet 2015), Norsk seilskipsfart i Asia
  • Mats Fromreide Svendsen (forventet 2016), Passasjertrafikk til sjøs 

Ph.D students (past and present): 

  • Knut M. Nygaard (2011), The Scandinavian Lines og Sør-Afrikakonferansen. Linjefart mellom Europa og Sør-Afrika 1900-1940
  • Per Kristian Sebak (2012), A transatlantic migratory bypass: Scandinavian shipping companies and transmigration through Scandinavia, 1898-1929 
  • Joanna Baradziej (forventet 2015), Female Scottish Missionaries in Manchuria 1882-1929
  • Olga Medvedeva (forventet 2015), Norwegians in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service 1862-1948
  • Trudi Eikrem (forventet 2015), Handelshuset Christian Johnsen og den iberiske handelen med klippfisk 1850 – 1900.
  • Kristine Sævold (forventet 2019), Tax havens – a Lifeline to support the Survival of the British Empire?