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Chiara Morfea

PhD Candidate
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My research is placed at the intersection of Business & Human Rights, Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Finance. In particular, my project focuses on the proposed Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and the EU Taxonomy Regulation, which are at the core of the EU legal strategy for sustainable corporate governance and sustainable finance. The aim of the study is to critically assess the sustainability objectives under this legislation and their translation into legal obligations for private entities.  On a substantive level, such a critical analysis begs the questions of what concept of “sustainability” the CSDDD and the EU Taxonomy Regulation presuppose and to what extent this concept accounts for the socio-ecological interdependencies of the Anthropocene. On an operational level, the research examines how these legislative instruments, both individually and in their interplay, regulate private entities to implement sustainability, in order to identify opportunities and pitfalls behind the design of their obligations.