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Christel Krossøy

Head Engineer
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Academic article
  • 2014. Transcriptome sequencing of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) notochord prior to development of the vertebrae provides clues to regulation of positional fate, chordoblast lineage and mineralisation. BMC Genomics.
  • 2013. Mineralization of the vertebral bodies in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) is initiated segmentally in the form of hydroxyapatite crystal accretions in the notochord sheath. Journal of Anatomy. 159-170.
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  • 2006. Stepwise enforcement of the notochord and its intersection with the myoseptum: an evolutionary path leading to development of the vertebra? Journal of Anatomy. 339-357.
Academic lecture
  • 2014. Post-settlement growth of hake from the Norwegian coast based on otolith microstructure analysis: Evidence for countergradient variation?
  • 2012. The Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.) notochord displays a dynamic transcriptome prior to and during vertebral segmentation.
  • 2010. Farmed fish as a vitamin K source, limitations of menadione in fish feed.
  • 2008. Roles of fat soluble vitamins in bone development and mineral metabolism.
  • 2006. Fettløselige vitaminers rolle i beinutvikling og mineralmetabolisme.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2009. Vitamin K in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) withemphasis on bone.
  • 2008. Dietary menadione nicotinamide bisulphite (vitamin K) does not affect growth or bone health in first feeding Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).
  • 2007. Investigations on first feeding fry of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fed diets with different levels of menadione nicotinamide bisulphite (MNB).
Academic literature review
  • 2011. Vitamin K in fish nutrition. 585-594.

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