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Christine M. Jacobsen is the Director of the Centre for Women's and Gender Research at the University of Bergen and a Professor of Social Anthropology working mainly in the fields of gender studies and international migration and ethnic relations. From 2010-2011 she served as the Research Director of the Bergen Migration Research Unit, IMER Bergen

Currently, Jacobsen heads a 3 year  research project funded by the Research Council of Norway, Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration (WAIT), and a WP on vulnerability and the governance of international protection in the EU-financed project PROTECT: The Right to International Protection. A Pendulum between Globalization and Nativization?. Based on ethnographic fieldwork with irregularized migrants in Marseille, Jacobsen is currently writing a book with the working title Un/documented lives in Marseille.

Jacobsen’s work on irregularized migration also includes the project Provision of welfare to irregular migrants, which she headed from 2011 – 2015. PROVIR investigated the complex relationship between law, institutional practice, and irregular migrants’ lived experience in Norway. Some of the major findings from the project are presented in the co-edited volume Eksepsjonell velferd: Irregulære migranter i det norske velferdssamfunnet

Jacobsen has worked for a number of years on gendered religious traditions, identities and practices among Muslims in France and Norway, in a context of international migration, globalization and secular modernity. In 2011, she published Islamic Traditions and Muslim Youth in Norway (Brill), and co-edited a special issue of Feminist Review on "Islam and Gender in Europe: Subjectivities, Politics & Piety". Within the frames of the  RCN-funded project Secularism and Religious freedom in the Global Era (REGREL), Jacobsen shifted attention from ‘religious traditions’ to ‘secular formations’; looking at gender and sexuality in the legal and para-legal government of religious practices (such as female covering) in Norway and France. 

Jacobsen has also worked on Prostitution, Gender and Migration (PROGEMI), and on transnationalism and political mobilisation among young adults of minority background (TRANSNAT).

‘Waitinghood and acceleration: the temporalities of un/documented lives in Marseille’, at the Conference Staying, Moving, Settling, European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference. 14-17 Aug.

'Waiting between hope and violence' (with Drangsland, Kari-Anne) Paper presented at the Conference The Social Life of Time: Power, Discrimination and Transformation, University of Edinburgh, 5-7 juni. Session 7: in Backdoor Broadcasting: Academic Podcasts. Access: https://backdoorbroadcasting.net/archive/audio/2018_06_07/2018_06_07_SLoT_Christine_Jacobsen_talk.mp3

'Waiting for an Uncertain Future: The Temporalities of Irregular Migration and Asylum Policymaking', paper presented at the Conference Whither European asylum policy? A pendulum between universalisation and re-nationalisation, Organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Strategic Working Group of Leaders for Global Challenges at the University of Bergen and the University of Bergen's Brussels office. 

Presentation of the research project 'WAIT- Waiting for an uncertain future: The temporalities of irregular migration' at the Health Care for Undocumented Migrants, Nordic Seminar 4th-5th of May 2018, Bergen, Norway.

'The Transformative Effects of Migration on Gender in Politics and Society' at The Transformative Consequences of International Migration symposium 9 March, 2018, organised by UiB Research Unit on International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER Bergen) in collaboration with Global Challenges, University of Bergen.

'Dieu vous le rendra: Caring for Others and the Self in the Context of 'Migration Crisis' and 'Secular Suspicion', invited paper Presented at the Conferenence Muslim Care Beyond the Self: Ethics of Care among Muslims and their Neighbours, the Anthropology Research Program, Aarhus University, 11. December 2017.

'Penser l'attente et la temporalité dans l'immigration irrégulier', presentation by Christine M. Jacobsen and Sandrine Musso in the Seminar Series Frontières, temporalités, matérialités au prisme de la Santé, Centre Norbert Elias, Marseille, 9 November 2017.  

Kjønnsavdelingen episode 5: Migrasjon Er kvinner på flukt ekstra utsatt? Og utgjør innvandring en trussel mot den norske likestillingen? Femte episode av Kjønnsavdelingen tar for seg likestillingsspørsmålet i migrasjon.

"Cross-discipline approaches to migration temporalities", paper presented at Transatlantic Forum, Big Challenges Human Solutions. October 24-25, 2016 The University of Chicago. View the presentation here (starts at 11:51 in the video).

Kva skjer med de som ventar, intervju med På Høyden om prosjektet: Waiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration

Podcast: 'Provision of welfare to irregular migrants: exploring the borders of the Norwegian welfare state'. Jacobsen, Bendixsen and Karlsen outline findings from the project PROVIR, examining the access to welfare and its limitations for irregular migrants in Norway. Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Trinity 2014- Borders of the welfare state: Exploring the tensions between migration enforcement and welfare state entitlements

 I lovens skygge. Irregulære migranter har svakt rettsvern i Norge.

 Nye stemmer utfordrer, intervju om boka Kritiske hendelser - nye stemmer.

 Doktorgrad på unge norske muslimer


 Books and edited volumes:  

*Eksepsjonell velferd? Irregulære migranter i det norske velferdssamfunnet (redigert sammen med Synnøve S.N. Bendixsen and Karl Harald Søvig). Oslo: Gyldendal akademiske, 2015

*Nye stemmer – kritiske hendelser: Politisk engasjement og transnasjonal orientering i det nye Norge (co-authored with M. Andersson, J. Rogstad, V. Vestel). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget , 2012

*Islam and Gender in Europe: Subjectivities, Politics &Piety, Special Issue of Feminist Review(co-edited with Schirin Amir-Moazami and Maleiha Malik), 98(2), 2011

*Islamic Traditions and Muslim Youth in Norway. Leiden: Brill, 2011.

*Staying on the Straight Path. Religious Identities and Practices among Young Muslims in Norway.   Doctoral Dissertation, 2006, University of Bergen.

 *Tilhørighetens mange former. Unge muslimer i Oslo. Oslo: Unipax. 2002.


Journal articles

-“'Look into My Eyes': Music, Religion, and the Politics of Muslim Youth in Norway”, (with Viggo Vestel), in Journal of Muslims in Europe, Vol 7(1), March 2018. 

'Veiled Nannies and Secular Futures in France', Ethnos, 2017 http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00141844.2017.131328

'Gender, sex and religious freedom in the context of secular law', roundtable with Jacobsen, C.M., Fernando, M. & Jakobsen, J. Feminist Review (2016) 113: 93.

"Communicating Irregular Migration", American Behavioral Scientist, 59 (7) 2015: 886-897    

 “Perspectives on gender studies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden” (with Pauline Stoltz, Christine M. Jacobsen, Lena Gemzöe and Margaretha Fahlgren) Rita Bencivenga (ed.) in About Gender – International Journal of Gender Studies 4 (7), 2015

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Book chapters

"On Feminist Critique and How the Ontological Turn is Queering Anthropology” (m. Annelin Eriksen), in Paul Boyce, EJ Gonzalez-Polledo and Silvia Posocco – (Eds.) Queering Knowledge: Analytics, Devices and Investments after Marilyn Strathern. Routledge: London and New York, 2019.

'The (In)egalitarian Dynamics of Gender Equality and Homotolerance in Contemporary Norway', in Bendixsen, Synnøve, Bringslid, Mary Bente og Vike, Halvard (eds.), Egalitarianism in Scandinavia: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Palgrave, 2018.

'Begreper og perspektiver i forskning omkring irregulære migranter og velferd', in *Eksepsjonell velferd? Irregulære migranter i det norske velferdssamfunnet (Synnøve S.N. Bendixsen, Christine M. Jacobsen and Karl Harald Søvig). Oslo: Gyldendal akademiske, 2015   

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migration, religion, secularism, Islam in Europe, gender, political mobilisation, prostitution, irregular migration, migrant health, immigrant health, time, temporality, border

Norway, France, Morocco

Advisory board member Temporary Protection as a durable sollution. The 'return turn' in asylum policies in Europe (TemPro), Chr Michelsen Institute. 

Council member, Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKK), UiT, The Artic University of Norway

Associate researcher at the Migration and Health Project Southern Africa (maHp), University of Wittswatersrand, South Africa (2017 -)

Editorial board Theorizing Ethnography: Concept, Context, Critique (2017 - )

Editorial Board Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning (2014 - 2016)

Editorial board Nordic Journal of Migration Research (2011 - 2014)

Board member and associate researcher Centre on Law and Social Transformation (2016 - )

Board member and associate researcher IMER Bergen (2013 - )

Director IMER Bergen (2010 - 2012)

Board member in NMR Nordic Migration Research (2011 - 2014)

Board member in NMF - Norwegian Network of Migration Research (2011 - 2014)

Steering committee member in the International Metropolis Project (2010 - 2014)





WAIT WAiting for an uncertain future: the temporalities of irregular migration (Research Council of Norway)

PROTECT: The Right to International Protection. A Pendulum between Globalization and Nativization? (EU, Horizon 2020)

Native/Immigrant/Refugee: Crossings (Peder Saether Grant)

New tools for transnational analysis in postgraduate intersectional gender research - Towards long-term international collaborations in Doctoral and Postdoctoral training (STINT)

Denaturalizing difference: Challenging the production of global social inequality (Research Council of Norway)

Migration and Health Project Southern Africa, Associate