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Christopher Senf

PhD Candidate , Philosophy
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Ph.D. Research Project: The Morality of Social Conflicts – Analyzing City Square Movements in Political Philosophy

Ours is a time of social conflicts. With the Arab Spring and the Spanish Indignados of 2011, a recurring global conflict phenomenon began to emerge, ranging from Occupy Wall Street and the Israeli Social Justice movement to the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, and Nuit Debout in France. Events with mass occupation of urban squares with shared demands for social justice and real democracy have triggered extensive debates about the causes and impact of so-called city square movements. In my project, I aim to provide a philosophical analysis, using the unexploited potential of Honneth’s political philosophy for revealing normative claims underlying this phenomenon. I thus promote a shift in focus by analyzing city square movements—with emphasis on the western offshoots—as transnational struggles for recognition, embodying the preservation and expansion of both socio-economic and political rights as key normative problems in global public policy.

Spring 2020: EXPHIL-PS / Examen Philosophicum Seminars

Fall 2019: EXPHIL-HF / Examen Philosophicum Seminars

Senf, Christopher (2018). Wissenschaft als »Organ« der Bewegung: Konflikttheoretisches Denken bei Marx [Science as an »Organ« of a Movement: Conflict Theory Thinking with Marx]. In Matthias Bohlender, Anna-Sophie Schönfelder, Matthias Spekker (Eds.), »Kritik im Handgemenge«: Die Marx'sche Gesellschaftskritik als politischer Einsatz. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, (pp. 73–94). https://doi.org/10.14361/9783839441503-004

Senf, Christopher (2018). The Impact of Social Movements on Society. In Comma (Magazine of The Democratic Institute, Israel), July 2018, in Hebrew. DemocraticInstitute - Senf

Senf, Christopher (2017). Was tun? Europakrise und Rechtspopulismus [What to do? Euro-crisis and right-wing populism]. https://berlinergazette.de/rechtspopulismus-europa