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Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu

Postdoctoral Fellow, SEAS
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Have you turned on your TV or read the newspapers in the past few years? Then you know we have a bunch of global crises to deal with, from ecological breakdown to food insecurity, pandemics and wars. Is our future so bleak that we should just stick our anxiety-filled heads in the sand? Or maybe colonise Mars? The answer is a definite no. These crises are not just challenges we need to overcome but also opportunities to transition to a more resilient, inclusive and fair society. But then how can we move ahead and reconcile the need to provide basic needs to a growing population, while avoiding ecological collapse you may ask? Enter my research world. 

I use systems thinking and system dynamics modelling to look into natural resource management from a sustainability perspective. It is clear for me (and an increasing number of scholars) that the exploitative, unequal and growth-oriented system we have now cannot deliver feasible solutions in a world governed by ecological limits. This is why I explore alternative development pathways that are based on resource efficiency, sufficiency, regeneration and meeting social needs. I am particularly passionate about controversial sustainability topics with a touch of deep uncertainty and power imbalances - some say I have a soft spot for drama. One such hot topic is deep-sea mining, the focus of my postdoc in the SEAS programme at the University of Bergen. I analyse the discourse surrounding deep-sea mining, power dynamics governing the sector at global and national level and some of the possible development pathways for Norway. I do that together with key stakeholders, in an inclusive, participatory manner, testing the merits of such an approach for broader science communication and knowledge co-creation strategies. 

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